Siesta Beach, Florida

Siesta BeachSiesta Beach was awarded #2 in the 2016 Top 10 Beaches and rated the #1 USA Beach in 2011 by Dr. Beach. This beach paradise was also acclaimed as "The Best Sand Beach in America" by The Travel Channel in 2004, and "The Whitest and Finest Sand in the World" in the 1987 Great International Beach Challenge.

99% Quartz Sand

Do you want to walk on the world's finest and whitest sand? Then, Siesta Beach is one of the beaches you must visit.

One reason for Siesta Beach's popularity is the quality of the sand, which is 99% quartz. The reflective sand feels cool when walking the beach, even on the hottest days, making Siesta Beach one of the most beautiful and most pleasant beaches in the world.

Crescent Beach, also on Siesta Key, has the same fine white sand as Siesta Beach, but offers a more secluded setting.

Crystal Clear Water and Pure White Sands


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Wikipedia: Information about Siesta Beach.

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